Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shocking-- A new post!

After taking a blog hiatus, OK laziness, I have some great exciting Smith events to blog about!!

Our baby turned 8! Boy, did she ever shine all dressed in white!  Emily so so excited for this day to finally arrive. 

Upon exiting the sacred ordinance, she said "I kinda thought Heavenly Father would make the water a little warmer for me" We just love this witty girl!

 So thankful for the many family and friends that came to support her!
This cute girl turned 10!
The kids got a Valentine Dog- Pepper
I was called to be YW Camp director and got to go with my cute little girl.. cuz she is turning 12!
We had a ball together!
This guy turned 14!
He took 1st place in his weight at wrestling!
..and is starting High School this year!
Todd and Shayne went to see Jimmer play with all the Smith Boy's.. and they won, that round at least!

Mama starting bring home a paycheck.. working for a Dentist.. in Ahwatukee!  I've realized me and rush hour are not a match made in heaven!

This handsome guy has survived a tailbone surgery, started a new job and became Mr. Mom in the mornings!  Which is no easy feat considering he has 3 daughters to get out the door each morning!

So, as you can see, we are all alive and well and very busy!


Laurie said...

love the pics! such a good looking family. :-)

kathy b. said...

I'm so glad for your new post. I kept looking and looking and here it is. Great family events to post about. Love you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe how grown up your kids are! You guys are a good looking group! We sure miss ya but it sounds like things are going well for everyone! Crazy how fast time flies. You making a new post inspires me to do the same!!! We will see how long this feeling lasts...hahaha

Jill Ison said...

i miss your blogs posts. no pressure... just sayin'. you have such a beautiful family. I get to work with your girls on and off in act. days and they are so cool.

shawni said...

I don't know if you'll ever get this cause I know you don't write much, but just wanted to say I miss you!